My Story

Welcome to Gertrude & Evelyn Vintage Rentals! My name is Susan Kott and collecting Vintage and Antique pieces has been a passion of mine since I was nine years old. I love the pieces as much as I love designing a space with them in it.  Honestly, to me it's fun!

The name Gertrude, was my children's Great Grandmother on their father's side, and Evelyn was their Great Grandmother on my side. Two wonderful women, whom I greatly admire. My other stand out is my mother, who always took me to auctions and estate sales with her. There are lots of kids in our family, so when she was going to a sale some of us had to go with her, and I always volunteered! I wandered around looking at all of the treasures that were up for sale.  I was intrigued by all these 'things', that told a story of the owners life.  At 9 years old I bought my first antique, which I still have, a plate from Germany for 25¢.

The next sale, I bought a small Christmas book, also 25¢, (things were much less back then) and inside the book was tucked a beautiful Christmas card!  So exciting!  I was hooked!  I remember one auction where my mother was waving to a friend that she saw across the lawn and the auctioneer took it as a bid. She nervously corrected him, but I still wish she would have gotten that set of sterling silverware for her bid of $120. I learned right there, not to raise your hand at an auction unless you are bidding!

My love, and eye for unique and beautiful pieces has brought me quite a collection, and it seems perfect to share them all with you!

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