Vintage Event Rentals

VINTAGE RENTALS? Yes! You would have to spend a fortune to go out and purchase all the pieces you would need, but for a small charge, we share our treasured pieces with you. Gertrude and Evelyn vintage will rent antiques for your wedding, reception, photo shoot, or event.

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Wedding / Photo Shoot / Events

Photographers love using our vintage pieces because: 1 they look great through the lens, 2 they are unique pieces, 3 they are beautiful!  The Gertrude and Evelyn vintage collection has been in the ‘works’ for fifty years, so we have a great collection. Many of our pieces are one of a kind, not seen everywhere, so your wedding will be yours and not look like everyone else.

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Design Services

Not quite sure how to pull it all together! Let Gertrude and Evelyn vintage work with you to design your ceremony and/or reception space. An Interior Designer, with forty years making interiors beautiful for others, I can do that for you.

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We will take some of the wedding plan stress off your shoulders

Gertrude and Evelyn vintage rentals will make your wedding day special.  Our large collection of unique vintage and antique pieces will transform your space. Located in Burlington, WI., we are at the center of many Wedding Venue Locations. That means, short drive to pick pieces up. Want it delivered, less fees, because we are right up the road. Forgot something, yes, we can run and get it because we’re close by! Event venues love us because our vintage pieces make their spaces look even more beautiful. And with so many pieces to choose from at reasonable rental rates, you can make your dream a reality.

We work closely with Mercantile Hall, Burlington, WI. So if your wedding is at The Mercantile, you will have preferred pricing for delivery and pick up of your rented items. We also deliver and pick up rental items to any other wedding locations for a fee, which is determined by the quantity and the distance to the venue. And of course, you can pick up your rented items and return them to us. All items are to be wrapped and returned in same packing materials and in same condition as they were in when picked up. All items are to be picked up in a closed vehicle and secured properly, so as not to be damaged. I know that you will take care of our pieces as well as we do, and if for some reason a piece is damaged there is a charge of 6x the rental fee. Pick up is available the day before your event, and return is the day after, if there is a timing conflict, that needs to be worked out at time of reserving pieces.


Photography courtesy of: Chelsea Matson Photography
Photography courtesy of: Chelsea Matson Photography

Next Steps…

Our Inventory shows you our available pieces, this is still a work in progress, so photos are being added as quickly as possible. If there is something you are looking for and don’t see it, please contact us, it may be that we haven’t photographed it yet!

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