Gertrude & Evelyn was born from my desire to share my collection with the world. To help make your big day even more beautiful than you imagined it could be.

Hi there!

And to make sure that my antiques have more stories to share... for many years to come.


What's your favorite piece in the G&E collection and why?

Our Large Farm Table! I bought it at an auction at least 16 years ago, used it as our personal dining room table for many years and knew I had to share it when I started G & E. So many couples love it, that I recently had it replicated by a carpenter, so now we have two!

What's your bucket list vacation spot?

Fiji! I am all about warm air, beaches, palm trees and Fiji looks like paradise.

What's your best piece of marriage advice?

Be each other’s best friend. Talk, share, care and make time to spend together. Want in on a secret? When my husband and I have a day to spend together, we call it a ‘Love Day’!

What's your favorite flower?

Peonies…any color will do, but pale pink are my favorite!




I'm susan!

Ice cream or cake?

Red or white wine?

Heels or flats?

Italian Ice! (I can't eat dairy)

Red! Red wine all day!

Flats! As I’m always on my feet!