Do you offer delivery and pick up?

Yes, we deliver all your rented items and pick them up after the event, according to your venue’s guidelines.

Is there a delivery/pick up charge?

Your delivery and pick up charge is based on the amount of items you rent and the distance our team needs to travel.

How does the rental process work?

You choose your pieces (we are happy to help you with this part of the process, too!) and then a contract is written up, reviewed and ultimately signed. Your signed contract and deposit serve as your reservation for the event date.

When is the final balance due?

The rental balance is due 14 days before your event.

If we are renting dinnerware and silverware, when is the final guest count due?

When renting dinnerware and silverware, you can adjust your guest 30 days prior to the event. Obviously, the balance will fluctuate accordingly.

Do you set the tables with your dinnerware and silverware?

We are happy to set tables for an additional fee!

Does dinnerware and silverware need to be returned washed/cleaned?

Dinnerware and silverware has to be scraped off and returned in the containers provided by G&E. Leave the washing to our team!

Do you rent glassware?

We have a limited amount of vintage glassware, in a mix of sizes and designs. We currently offer wine and champagne style glassware. 200 person max.

Is your dinnerware grouped by pattern or color?

No, our dinnerware has been curated over many years and is a mix of colors and patterns. Our couples typically love and appreciate the mismatched vibe! 

Can we pick up and return our rented items?

No, all delivery and pick up is done by our G & E team.

When you deliver rental furniture items do you leave them at the door, or do you put them in place?

When delivery is made we will put furniture items in place as long as we are provided a floor plan.

We would love to see your rental furniture items in person, do you have regular hours?

All visits are by appointment. We would love to have you visit, just send us an email.